Pasteuriser inspection and heat exchanger testing

Within the food, brewing, drink and pharmaceutical industries there is an ever present risk of product contamination that, if undetected, could result in product recalls, damage to brand names and, in the worst case, serious illness or death to a consumer.

Independent Integrity Inspection Limited (INDEi) are a leading supplier of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Inspection.  Our services are proven to provide a crucial edge in preventative maintenance programs; by the definitive testing of pasteurisers and heat exchangers used in a broad range of industries.

INDEi have developed a testing method utilising the pressurised saline conductivity differential system which ensures the detection of any through-thickness cracks and in addition proves the integrity of plate and tubular gaskets in heat exchangers and pasteurisers.

The integrity testing of plate, tubular, scraped surface pasteurisers and heat exchangers to detect for cross contamination has become a critical element of a preventative maintenance programme for leading producers.

Pasteuriser inspection using the saline conductivity method

Pasteuriser inspection using the saline conductivity method


Regular heat exchanger and pasteuriser testing helps ensure early detection of a crucial problem before it becomes apparent as a health risk.

In addition to the pressurised saline conductivity integrity test, the exact location of the defective plate(s) or tubular section within the heat exchanger or pasteuriser can be achieved by a supplementary testing method utilising our ultrasonic acoustic equipment enabling the qualified technician to identify the individual problematic component within the suspect section.

Our method of integrity testing is efficient, cost effective and provides a very quick solution and being completely independent, INDEi operates to the highest standard of service and impartiality when carrying out on-site integrity testing.

If you have a requirement for plate, tubular or scraped surface heat exchanger testing or pasteuriser inspection, contact us today for a quality service and competitive pricing structure.


  • The integrity test is carried out in-situ and does not require the heat exchanger / pasteuriser to be disassembled;
  • Our testing method is not hindered by any residual water or other liquids remaining in the heat exchanger;
  • Minimal disruption / downtime to production;
  • A typical heat exchanger / pasteuriser can be tested within an hour;
  • 5µm particle system filtration allows accurate defect detection;
  • No false alarm or other spurious readings as associated with the gas testing detection methods;
  • Far superior to the hydrostatic test method which is only suitable for the detection of gross defects and certainly not suitable for fine cracks or other through-thickness imperfections in large plate heat exchangers;
  • Gasket condition and integrity are assessed as part of the overall test;
  • The testing solution is non toxic and non-corrosive and quickly removed by cleaning in place “CIP”;
  • Exact defective plate location.