Evaporator Tube Testing and Inspection

The industry leader of Evaporator and Heat Exchanger tube testing solutions.

Independent Integrity Inspection Limited provides a comprehensive inspection program consisting of multiple tube inspection solutions and testing techniques, to determine the integrity of heat exchanger and evaporator tube bundles.

Our extensive experience in tube inspection assures that components are properly evaluated to detect damage or defects thereby ensuring that tube bundles are safe to remain in operation.

Failures can result in unplanned shutdowns, dangerous catastrophic failures or severe costly damage or product recalls. Detecting these defects early enables optimal performance and of course the prevention of critical failure.

The most common defect that asset owners and inspection companies search for are pitting and corrosion, longitudinal cracks, circumferential cracks especially at the tube sheet, erosion, fretting and metal loss.

A wide array of testing capabilities.

Our Non Destructive Testing services have extensive capabilities for testing a wide variety of ferrous and nonferrous metal components. Offering a comprehensive programme to determine the integrity of evaporators and heat exchanger tube bundles, by ensuring tubes are properly evaluated for corrosion and biofilm adhesion using specialised equipment together with fully trained and qualified personnel. INDEi personnel are certified under The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (PCN) guidelines and adhere to stringent nuclear guidelines.

Results are accurate and require little or no follow-up scrutiny.

Heat exchanger and evaporator tube bundle inspection using innovative non destructive testing methods and solutions

Heat exchanger and evaporator tube bundle inspection using innovative non-destructive testing methods and solutions


Services that Work Together to Prevent Unplanned Outages.

We offer a range of advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) solutions specifically designed for evaporator and heat exchanger tube inspection applications.

Full documentation for your quality management.

Highest levels of product purity and quality are of primary importance, particularly in such industries as the beverage, dairy, food and pharmaceutical industry. Independent Integrity Inspection Limited supports you in implementing your quality management routine by providing comprehensive test reports which are produced for every inspection of your spray dryers and associated equipment carried out by our engineers.