Tank, Silo, VAT and Storage Vessel Inspection

The leading supplier of Tank crack testing and inspection services for Tanks, Silos, Vats and Storage Vessels.

In many industries, the need for the safe storage of products and liquids are critical to the complicated processes existing within the manufacturing system.

Crack tank and vessel inspection using non destructive testing methods

Crack tank and vessel inspection using non-destructive testing methods

Storage tanks, product vessels and silos can come in all shapes and sizes, horizontal or vertical and with many subjected to heating or cooling mediums and insulation.

The overall condition and quality of the contents are always a critical part of the ongoing manufacturing process.

Because of the nature of the processes involving tanks and the methods of fabrication used in their manufacture, material failures will inevitably occur during the useful life of the vessel.  Whilst it is not possible to prevent these failures from taking place, it is possible to minimise the effect that they have when they occur, by routine inspection.

The Solution.

Independent Integrity Inspection Limited (INDEi) has a wealth of experience when it comes to the inspection and testing of storage tanks, vats, finished milk tanks, storage vessels and silos.  Clients have regarded them as a partnership of their processing storage activities, ensuring compliance with the regulations, directives and legislation.

It is not just routine preventative maintenance, but emergency call-outs do occur when leaks are apparent and INDEi will respond around the clock to the testing requirements of the client.

Crack tank testing and inspection of vats, silos and storage vessels using non destructive testing methods

Crack tank testing and inspection of vats, silos and storage vessels using non-destructive testing methods

INDEi offers a varied range of non-destructive testing methods to provide a perfect solution for the inspection of tanks, vats, vessels, GRP tanks and silos.


  • Penetrant examination;
  • Eddy current examination;
  • Ultrasonic examination;
  • Thickness and corrosion mapping;
  • Magnetic particle examination;
  • Discontinuity (Holiday) testing;
  • Visual examination;
  • Weld integrity and inspection;
  • Thermal imaging survey.


Our method will, also, reveal mechanical defects in your CIP system leading to insufficient cleaning. INDEi has the equipment, expertise and experience to inspect tanks in all shapes and sizes in the food, dairy and biochemical industry.

Benefits of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

✔ testing tick Identifies areas of degradation before failure occurs to ensure longer life expectancy;
✔ testing tick Minimises downtime to ensure maximum productivity of tanks and silos;
✔ testing tick Offers trend information on deterioration so that predictions can be made;
✔ tank crack testing tick Demonstrates operation standards and compliance;
✔ tank crack testing tick Gives you peace of mind that your storage tank or silo is in sound condition.

These services are combined with highly qualified technicians to PCN, SNT and CSWIP accreditation.

When clients are considering using a company for inspection, it is not just the method they should be considering but the risks involved.  INDEi is one of the UK’s independent inspection service providers with the right equipment and the right attitude when it comes to safety.  All technicians will have attended and participated in Confined Spaces and Safety Passport schemes before carrying out any testing on behalf of INDEi.

We believe in working closely with the customer to understand and address their needs in a reliable, quality compliant, cost-effective, reliably and safely by using the most appropriate technology to best effect.

When choosing a company to crack test your tank and storage vessel requirements, the environmental impact should also come into consideration, because of this INDEi as a company is very environmentally conscience minded company using the latest methods and environmentally friendly products where available.  For example, when using the dye penetrant method, the Company utilises a water-based penetrant and/or non-toxic penetrant, approved by NSF.

Using INDEi for your tank crack testing periodic inspection requirements ensures that corrosion and cracking can be detected and the solution solved before it becomes a problem, and with INDEi it is a safe, independent and accurate solution.